Bulk Chemical Storage Systems


    Chemical storage tank systems and plant loops engineered by Linden Industries offer’s you custom-designed flexibility to meet your production requirements and allows us to design to your specific building constraints. Besides receiving a significant reduction in the costs per pound of chemical, bulk purchasing will also lower your costs by eliminating material waste and the associated labor to change out totes. A cost efficient bulk storage tank system from Linden Industries will allow you to receive chemical deliveries from split tank trucks with 2,000 gallons each of Poly and Iso, 4,000 gallon tank trucks or 20,000 gallon rail cars.

    Staffed with many years of polyurethane industry expertise, Linden Industries carries a proven record of forging the way to new technologies. Together as your engineering partner, we can offer your Organization ongoing innovations through our long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction

  • Linden’s Bulk Polyol and Iso tanks range from 6,000 to 25,000 gallons to accommodate Tank Truck, or Rail Car deliveries
  • Cyclo-Pentane Bulk Storage Tanks up to 6,000 gallon capacity
  • Batch Holding Tanks available in a variety of sizes to accomodate process material
  • Linden’s In-line Blending System or Batch Blending Systems allow you to blend components to reduce costs
  • Storage Tank Farms from Linden Industries offer you custom designed flexibility to tailor fit your production requirements and can adapt to almost any building constraints

Designed to ASME standards

Linden Industries Bulk Storage Tanks can be supplied in either Carbon Steel with Plasite lining or Stainless Steel and are ASME certified. For your safety, our bulk systems are engineered to the highest level of quality and safety standards.

Standard Features

Linden standard equipment includes magnetically coupled recirculation pumps. Tank sizes can be chosen to fit your volume needs and building restrictions e.g. floor to ceiling height, door sizes at the loading dock and other locations within the plant, etc.

  • ASME tank safeties
  • Level sight indicator
  • Dry gas tank blanket control
  • Man way for tank access
  • Unloading/recirculation pump
  • Strainer
  • Enclosed, lockable unload station
  • Access ladder
  • Safety railing for tank top
  • Optional Features
  • Dedicated Unload Pump
  • Dedicated Unload filter
  • Rail car unloading
  • Tank agitation
  • Heat exchanger
  • Tank insulation
  • Temperature Zone Controller
  • Water Chiller
  • Level sensing with display in inches
  • Differential pressure transmitter for tank Inventory sensing
  • Load cell weighing system for Tank inventory sensing
  • Computerized inventory control
  • Multiple tanks for each component
  • Chemical Filter in circulation loop
  • Plant pipe loop
  • Pipe Loop Insulation
  • Polyol Pump with seal less Magnetic Coupling
  • Cat walk for multiple tank installation

Chemical Blending Systems


Penta - Fusion

Linden’s Penta-Fusion blending units are engineered and manufactured to customer specifications. These units are typically employed in discontinuous applications requiring “poured shots”. Blended material from the unit may be piped directly to properly equipped day tanks or to batch holding tanks for storage and distribution to day tanks. Linden is committed to helping our Customers grow with green product technologies, while saving money in the process.

Environmentally Friendly Blending (EFB) for 134a, 245fa and R22

Our Environmentally Friendly Blending (EFB) units are engineered and manufactured to our Customer’s specific job requirements and can allow for future potential growth. The EFB units are used in discontinuous applications requiring “poured shots”. Blended material from the EFB unit can be piped directly to properly equipped day tanks or to batch holding tanks for storage and distribution to one or several day tanks. Linden is committed to helping companies comply with environmental standards.

Filler Handling and Blending System

Linden Industries supplies the ultimate in filler handling and blending systems with capabilities up to 4500 pounds per hour. After blending, slurry is automatically transferred to a temperature-controlled holding tank. A recirculation/transfer pump and pipe loop safely and efficiently convey slurry to RRIM stations.

Reduces material loss. Limits dust…

Automatic filler unloading from standard gaylords or totes reduces material loss and insures a clean environment.

Accurate, consistent ratios…

Linden Industries’ sophisticated FILLER BLENDING secures ratio accuracy and consistency with the help of weight-metered components.

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