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Linden maintains the largest inventory of Rexroth Pumps in North America.

Linden's Warranty

Linden Industries proudly offers the best metering pump repair warranty in the Polyurethane Industry. For all end users, the Linden Warranty covers parts and labor costs for 30 Days from date of shipment to your Polyurethane Processing Plant. Linden is able to provide this warranty because every pump repaired by our Repair Department is thoroughly inspected to insure tolerances are within manufacturer’s specifications and only OEM parts are used. Furthermore the pump undergoes a rigorous testing procedure on our computerized test stand.

New pumps sold by Linden receive the full Manufacturer's Warranty which is past on to Customer on date of shipment.

Rexroth SO2 Series Rexroth Pumps

Linden Industries can provide as an option the Rexroth SO2 series of Chemical Metering Pumps for new equipment, or as a replacement on existing machinery. This pump, with a case and seal rating of 10 bar and double-seal along the pump shaft, provides a great degree of processing flexibility and readily replaces older series of Rexroth Metering Pumps. We maintain an inventory of Rexroth pumps (A2VK12, A2VK28, and A2VK55) in stock and ready to ship.

Rotary Power Pumps

Linden Industries is happy to offer the Rotary Power line of Axial Piston Metering Pumps for both new equipment and as a replacement on existing machinery. Rotary Power's C-Range pumps are available as either Fixed Displacement (for use with a Closed Loop Metering System) or Variable Displacement and are available in a variety of sizes: 2.0; 6.0; 11.5; 33; 62; 92; and 125cc/motor revolution.

Inert Flushing and Computerized Testing

Prior to shipment from Linden each new pump undergoes flushing with inert chemicals. Any chance for system contamination from residual factory hydraulic oil in the pump is eliminated. Flow and pressure performance is verified on a computerized test stand and upon request a test report accompanies each pump. Computerized testing eliminates possibility of human error.

Pump Repair

Linden’s rebuilding technicians are fully trained by Rexroth and Rotary Power (RHL) for the rebuilding of all respective urethane metering pumps. We also repair most other brands of metering pumps, including: Beinlich, Viking and Sam Hydraulik. All pumps are rebuilt using original factory parts. Prior to shipment all pumps are pressure and flow tested to manufacturer’s specifications. In most cases, pumps can be rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of a new pump and most pumps can be rebuilt more than once. We service pumps from all PU machine manufacturers.

When your pump is received, we disassemble and clean it to assess it’s condition. Our staff provides a written rebuilding estimate. Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will advise you promptly of a delivery date for your rebuilt pump.

Eliminate Seal Leakage by Installing Magnetic Couplings.

We offer magnetic couplings for both Rotary Power & Rexroth pumps, low pressure gear pumps, low pressure feed pumps and day tank agitators.

Magnetic Couplings - How They Work

A magnetic coupling consists of two magnet assemblies, the outer assembly (driver magnet) and the inner assembly (driven magnet). The outer assembly is connected to the motor and the inner assembly is directly attached to the pump input drive shaft. Since the inner magnet is isolated within the magnet case, seals and therefore leaks, are eliminated.

Mag Drive

When load (torque) is applied, the coupling deflects angularly and the magnets create a force of simultaneous attraction and repulsion. This force is used to transfer torque from the motor to the drive shaft. This permanent magnet coupling creates neither slippage nor induction current during rotation.

The standard pump drive shaft seal can be replaced with a permanent magnet coupling eliminating seal leakage and downtime associated with seal replacement. The inner submerged magnet is of “sealed” construction, eliminating any chance for contamination.

When and how to use Open or Closed Circuit Rexroth Metering Pumps (Based on SO2 pump usage)

  • Open Circuit
  • For metering lower viscosity fluids, typically <1500 Cps
  • Lower suction pressure / Day Tank pressure Range is permissible
  • Tank pressure relief Valve and electronic sensing must be employed, in order to maintain an acceptable pump inlet pressure range.

    Rexroth Open Loop Pump
  • Closed Circuit
  • Used when fluid viscosity exceeds >1500 Cps
  • Since closed circuit pumps lack suction pressure capability, feed or charge pumps are employed to develop the necessary suction pressure range required
  • Feed or charge pump pressure control valve or relief valve and electronic pressure sensing must be employed, in order to maintain an acceptable metering pump inlet pressure range.

    Rexroth Closed Loop Pump

  • Generally Applicable to all Metering Pumps
  • Pump must be primed before start-up to prevent cavitation (Frequent cause of premature pump failure, see Rotary Power picture below)

Magnetic pump couplings are recommended in order to eliminate any chance for pump shaft seal failure.

Core Exchange Program

  • Our unique pump exchange program was created for those with more immediate needs. Here’s how the program works:
  • Contact our service department to receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and specific shipping information
  • Upon receipt of a Purchase Order (Or Credit Card Information) for the cost of a new or reconditioned replacement pump*, Linden will ship the pump to your facility - (*based on availability)
  • If the pump requires an expedited shipment from our facility, expediting charges will apply
  • Upon receipt of your faulty pump here at Linden, our technicians will thoroughly inspect and evaluate the cost of rebuilding it
  • If it is determined that the damaged pump can be rebuilt, a credit will be issued - Linden will keep the damaged pump and our Repair Department will rebuild it to factory specifications. The pump will then be placed in the Core Exchange Program Inventory
  • If it is determined that the pump cannot be rebuilt, we will either return the pump to you for disposal or with your written permission, dispose of it here at Linden
  • Our warranty covers new parts used in the pump repair and labor 30 days from the date of shipment. Excluded items include regular maintenance items such as shaft seals
  • To ship a pump to Linden, please follow these steps:
  • Contact our service department to report the type of pump and conditions of the failure. You may be asked a number of questions to help us in our evaluation of part and component performance.
  • Our service department will provide you with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and specific shipping information.
  • When the pump arrives, Linden technicians will disassemble and clean it to assess its condition.
  • A written estimate and approximate delivery date will be promptly forwarded to you for approval.
  • We require a purchase order to begin a rebuild.

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