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Linden Turntables - The easy and dependable way to transport molds for polyurethane molding.

Simplify your molding operations with the efficiency and dependability of Turntables from Linden Industries. Linden’s Engineering Staff has many years of experience designing, engineering, and building the components necessary to run a cutting-edge Polyurethane processing plant. From very small and straightforward Turntables, to some of the most complex Turntables required for a modern Polyurethane plant, Linden’s Engineering Staff have proven themselves every time an opportunity presented itself.

Designing each Turntable for durability, ease of use, dependability and all the while keeping within your cost constraints is what Linden Industries does best. Below are a number of items that you might want to consider for your next Turntable Cell.

  • Linden Turntable Systems often included features:
  • Continuous, or indexing table movement
  • Communication between molds, ancillary equipment, and Turntable Control Panel
  • Pour Robot and Mold Release Robot integration
  • Bar Code Readers and Radio Frequency (RF)Tag integration for mold identification
  • Encoding to sense what mold is in position to automatically adjust shot timer for each pouring station
  • Multiple Turntable Integration to one Polyurethane Metering Unit
  • Available Features on Table Top:
  • Temperature Zone Control to maintain mold temperatures via hot water
  • Make-up Water
  • Air
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Electric Supply to meet your power requirements
  • Hydraulic Power for mold clamping functions

Please be sure to contact Linden Industries when your Organization has a need for a new Polyurethane Molding Turntable.

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