Gas Nucleation Equipment


Linden CO₂Gas Infusion™ Blending Unit

The Linden Industries CO₂Gas Infusion™ blending unit will save you money – lots of it!

As Oil price continue on their volatile roller coaster track, the cost of your chemistry is likely following a similar path. Linden's Gas Infusion™ blending units have many end-users reporting: a significant reduction in chemical usage. Call us to help with the math and see how long before your return on this investment could be adding significant dollars to your bottom line.

  • As if the chemical cost savings weren’t enough, additional advantages can be found with:
  • Significant part weight reduction – an important feature especially in automotive related products
  • An improved cellular structure within the foam
  • Increased acoustical and sound absorption properties, an important feature for many products.
  • Benefits of CO₂Gas Infusion™ blending systems
  • Fully automated
  • Self-contained
  • Effortless to operate on a day-to-day basis
  • Linden can accomodate whatever Power Supply your Plant can make available
  • Capable of being added to an existing Polyurethane Metering System, regardless whether it is a Linden machine, or another OEM’s machine. All that is required is that the metering machine has a Polyol day tank

The Linden CO₂Gas Infusion™ Unit continually monitors and updates the level of CO₂in the Polyol

The homogeneous dissolution and distribution of CO₂into the Polyol component of a Urethane formulation results in minimum consumption of CO₂. The CO₂is introduced automatically based on a control preset. Polyol is circulated from the material day tank through a sensor by a magnetically coupled auxiliary pump. The set point is “continuously” compared to a feedback signal from the kidney-loop sensor and CO₂gas loading is corrected automatically.


Linden Dry Air / N₂Gas Infusion™ Blending Unit

The Linden N₂Gas Infusion™ blending unit is designed to automatically nucleate Polyurethane.

Linden’s Dry Air / N₂Gas Infusion™ will add to your Organizations bottom line by significantly lowering the number of scraped parts and parts that require to be reworked. Besides being more efficient on your foaming line, you will also see reduced landfill costs.

  • Nucleation can work to your advantage for the following reasons:
  • Low levels of N₂or Dry Air are a nucleation aid that will improve tool wet-ability, mixing quality, material flow and eliminate surface defects.
  • Nucleation aids in molding complex geometries and part configurations that would typically streak, run, or not fill; for example, vertical walls.
  • N₂or Dry Air is also used to improve foam characteristics and reduce urea formation

The Linden Gas Infusion™ Blending Unit provides a homogenous dissolution and distribution of N₂or Dry Air into the Polyol component of the polyurethane formulation. The nucleation is performed automatically based on specific gravity preset. Polyol is circulated from the material day tank through the density sensor by a magnetically coupled auxiliary pump. The specific gravity set point is “continuously” compared to a feedback signal from the kidney-loop density sensor; gas loading is corrected automatically.

More Accurate than Intermittent Specific Gravity (SG) sampling.

The amount of gas, which may be entrained into the Polyol, is dependent upon the particular Polyol blend. The gas infusion unit can be provided as an addition to new equipment or can be adapted to existing processing equipment as a stand-alone add-on system.

Powered 480 Volt 3Phase 60Hz; optionally others available

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