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Small Shot Accuracy/Repeatability

Innovator™ EP


Flexible design adapts easily to diverse production environments

The INNOVATOR™ EP's modular design delivers extreme flexibility, allowing for many different configurations and production environments including interfacing to molding conveyors, turntables or stationary mold clamps. Engineered with the customer in mind, packaging begins with the base system designed for a lab or start-up venture, to a highly integrated system for full-service manufacturing facilities. The customer-driven flexibility defines the INNOVATOR™ EP.

For continous production of insulating foams, the Penta-Meter™ is an ancillary metering unit to the Innovator™ EP and allows Cyclo-Pentane to be precisely blended into the Polyol near the mix head. This unit can be sized to Customer specifications. Linden is committed to helping companies comply with environmental standards. Replacing HFCs and HCFCs is a goal with most companies and our
Penta-Meter™ will meet both current and future environmental demands.

Innovator™ EP Meters, Mixes, Dispenses with Uncompromising Accuracy and Precision

You can depend on the INNOVATOR™ EP from Linden to accurately control temperatures, meter, mix and dispense multiple component, unfilled reactive chemical systems at high pressures. Output ranges from
8-to-480 lbs/min with metering accuracy up to +/- 1/2 percent and impingement pressures up to 2800 PSI mixing pressure. Through proper selection of optional features, viscosities from 5-to-6,000 CPS can be processed. The INNOVATOR™ can be interfaced with up to 16 Linden L-Style or Straight Style Mixheads.

Modem Engineering Service Support System

This operator-friendly VPN modem computer link permits immediate, on-the-spot analysis of vital machine process data by Linden's experienced Service Group. With this expert evaluation, you receive the on-site attention you need, when you need it -- minimizes costly delays, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

  • Advantages
  • High pressure metering and dispensing at an affordable cost
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Time proven components
  • A standardized design featuring modular components and the maintenance friendly layout of the INNOVATOR™ EP; enables Linden to build a custom machine while meeting the requirements of each application.
  • Standard Features
  • 30 gallon (110 liter) Day Tanks, machine mounted, ASME rated to 150 PSI (10 bar)
  • Tank Insulation
  • Tank level indication, with high, low, and fill start, fill stop setpoints
  • Tank blanket pressure control and relief valve
  • Fine Mesh Strainers for pump protection
  • Rexroth or RHL axial piston metering pumps
  • Magnetically coupled Iso metering pump
  • Variable ratios 1:5 to 5:1 (with identical size pumps on both components)
  • Flow / Ratio monitoring with deviation alarms
  • L-Style mix head
  • Shot size control based on time
  • High efficiency plate and frame heat exchangers for temperature control accuracy
  • Allen-Bradley PLC control
  • Ten inch, color touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Robot Pour Control signal interface - if required
  • Shot Data Collection with export capability to an Excel compatible spreadsheet file (2000 shots)
  • WEB based HOTLINE™ Modem Engineering Service Support System (requires a VPN connection)
  • Built-in electronic Mix Head Shot Counter, independent from Linden or other machine controls. No “calendar” time limitations means Linden can offer the best Mix Head Warranty in the industry
  • 480v/3ph/60Hz
  • High Pressure Select Valves for Energy Savings
  • Calibration through Mix Head
  • Return Line Drain Valves to simplify Chemical Changeovers or flushing chemicals from the machine
  • Optional Features
  • Cyclo - Pentane Compliance Provisions
  • 80 gallon (300 liter) day tanks, machine mounted
  • Larger free standing day tanks are also available
  • Tank Autofill control from drums, totes, or bulk
  • Fixed or variable speed electric agitators
  • Air Dryer
  • Straight type Mix Head (price deduction)
  • Magnetically coupled Polyol metering pump
  • Closed-Loop Flow Control
  • Ring line for up to 16 mix heads
  • Mix head boom, machine mounted, 6 or 10ft (1800-3000mm) radius, fixed height or 15in (380mm) adjustable lift w/ up - down pushbutton controls
  • Free standing Jib boom, up to 14ft radius (4270mm), and 3ft (910mm) lift with up - down push button controls
  • Water zone controllers for heating > 110℉
  • Chillers
  • Other power requirements e.g. 575v, 208v, 220v, 380v, 400v, and 50 or 60 hz
  • Bag Filters or Edge Filters
  • Feed Pumps for higher viscosity Polyol’s

Contact us for additional desired features not listed here; email or call 330-928-4064.

Machine Size EP2 EP6 EP 11 EP12 EP 28 EP33 EP55 EP 62
Pump Manufacturer RHL RHL RHL Rexroth Rexroth RHL Rexroth RHL
g/second 22 - 110 66 - 332 127 - 636.8 128 - 642 311 - 1555 365 - 1827 605 - 3025 687 - 3433
Kg/minute 1.3 - 6.6 4 - 19.9 7.6 - 38.2 7.7 - 38.5 18.6 - 93.3 21.9 - 109.6 36.3 - 181.5 41.2 - 206
#/minute 2.9 - 14.7 8.8 - 43.9 16.8 - 84.2 17 - 84.9 41.1 - 205.6 48.3 - 241.7 80 - 400 90.8 – 454

Based on 1.0 S.G. (Specific Gravity)
Based on Ratio of 1:1
Ratio range of 3:1 – 1:3
Maximum shot pressure 2800 PSI (197 Bar)

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