Polytec EMC Low Pressure-Cast Elastomeric Equipment


For more than 25 years Polytec EMC has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of low-pressure polyurethane and cast elastomeric processing machines. They are best known for their quality and the design innovations they have incorporated in to the development and manufacture of the machines they build. Utilizing Polytec EMC's in-depth knowledge of the Polyurethane and Cast Industries has allowed Lindenís customers to benefit from this partnership by integrating the solutions and the operational reliability of the machines Polytec EMC builds.

With its modular design, Polytecís DG Series of low pressure metering machines can accommodate up to 6 components. Polytecís machines are manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials, which further allows for tailor-made solutions for almost any application or requirement. The DG Series of machines are designed to meet your individual needs, whether that might include, tank sizes of up to 400 gallons (1500 liters), output rates up to 220 pounds/minute (100 kg/min), or just about any other unusual requirement your process might entail. The freely programmable PLC system with an optional Process Visualization and Report Logging package, guarantees the highest levels of product quality and process security.

Polytec EMCís Low Pressure mixing heads have all been designed, engineered and manufactured by Polytec EMC. From a mixing head standpoint, we can make available whichever mix head style best fits your application, whether that would be a Dynamic, Static or Roto-Static mix head.

Polytec is proud to offer:

  • World wide support
  • Engineering and Design Service available
  • Consulting
  • Installation, Training and Service

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