• Wide range of throughput capabilities
  • Self Cleaning
  • Maximum Pressure - 200 Bar


PSM700 Spray

Bath Tub Coating

Spray Heads


Principle of Mixing

With the precision of the PSM 700 metering and temperature control, the chemicals arrive at the spray head via heated hoses and provide a perfect mix, even with different mixing ratios. A variety of Spray Heads are offered with circulating or non-circulating capabilities, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation, and hand held or robotic/manipulator mounting. Isotherm Spray Heads utilize the impingement mixing principal and are mechanically self-cleaning, thus no air blow or solvents are required. Chemical systems with fast cure times of 1-2 seconds are not a problem.

PUR-Mixing Chambers

A variety of Mixing Chamber are available. Selection is dependent on the required throughput and chemical viscosities.

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