• Throughput Capability 10-160 gm/sec
  • Self Cleaning Spray Heads
  • High Pressure Impingement Mixing
  • Closed Loop Ratio Control
  • Closed Loop Pressure or Throughput Control


PSM 7000 Spray

Bath Tub Coating

Isotherm PSM 700 Vari-Control Polyurethane Spray Machine


The PSM 700 High-Pressure Spray Machine delivers a stepless mixing ratio of 1:4 to 4:1 and a continuous output of 10-160gr/sec (1.3 – 21 #/min). The pulse free vertical piston cylinders allow the PSM 700 to mix according to the counter flow injection principal for elastomeric and foam applications. Each chemical component has separate temperature zone control heating, motor driven plate type filter, metering pump (cylinder) and automatic flow control. For additional temperature control, the PSM 700 is equipped with preheaters and electric heated hoses in lengths of 10-90 meters (90 – 300 feet). The spray heads are self-cleaning, no air blow-out or solvent required. The PSM 700 can be set up for either a manual spray, or an automatic spray via robot or manipulator.

  • Processes PU-foams, Elastomers and Polyurea.
  • PUR High pressure spray machine with pulsation-free double ball check pumps.
  • Powerful and versatile.
  • Ideally suited to spray insulation foams, coatings, and elastomers
  • Can process filled or unfilled chemical systems
  • For in-house or mobile applications
  • Supply from drum pumps or heated day tanks; 10 , 20 or 60 Gallons.
  • Hydraulic powered with fully automatic closed loop control of mixing ratio and flow rate
  • PLC interfaced to color LCD HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Operator friendly parameter data input
  • Continuous electronic supervision of all important operating parameters
  • Closed loop ratio control
  • Closed loop “Throughput” or “Pressure” control
  • Visual and audible alarms on control panel, if preset parameters drift out of limited range
  • High-pressure impingement mixing
  • Mechanically self-cleaning, solvent free
  • Practically maintenance free.
  • Chemical pre-heaters and electric heated hoses with independent temperature control for Polyol and Iso (Controls Viscosity)
  • Electric heated hoses in length of 30 - 300 feet
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic operated spray heads.
  • Design Parameters:
  • Continuous Output: 10 – 160 gr/sec ( 0.6 – 10 l/min)
  • Mix ratio by volume: 1 : 1 to 1 : 4 / 4 : 1
  • Viscosity : up to 5000 CPS (5000 mPas)
  • Adjustable temp. range 95-203℉ (35-95℃)
  • Max. Operating Pressure : 2900 PSIG (200 Bar)
  • Machine weight : 1500 lbs
  • Power required : 480V, 3Ph, 60 Hz, 24 KVA
  • Sray Gun Advantages
  • Automatic self-cleaning: No solvent flushing, no air blowing
  • All metal to metal sealing means practically maintenance free
  • Extremely homogeneous mixing even with different mixing ratios
  • Reactivity of 1-2 seconds are no problem
  • Easy to change mixing chambers for spray or pour
  • Linden / ISOTHERM Ergonomic light-weight spray heads are offered in 5 standard and many special design configurations (hand-held, robot mounting, spray or pour)

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