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Straight-Style Mix Head MHS 16 Test Shots

Mix Heads - Straight Style


Linden Industries offers a full line of mix heads for all polyurethane applications. Each Linden mix head features a compact, user-friendly design, shot-counter (MHS models only) and an unparalleled warranty. Our mix heads are available with either 120° impingement or 180° impingement for superior mixing and laminar flow. Linden Straight Style Mix Heads are available with three different nose lengths, which vary depending on the size of the mix head. Our long nose mix head allows for the most laminar flow and allows our Customers to accommodate hard to reach mold pour location geometries.

Precision Components and Reliability

Linden mix heads incorporate unique alloys, precision machining, and specialized surface treatment of critical components. As a result, Linden mix heads offer uncompromising accuracy and reliability. Our Engineering Staff thoroughly Designs, Engineer and Test all newly designed mix heads prior to shipping to our Customer’s plant. It is our desire to provide our Customers with the most dependable mix heads in the Polyurethane Industry.

Mix Head Warranties

Linden is the first to offer Mix Heads equipped with a built-in electronic shot counter and allows Linden to offer the best mix head warranty available in the Polyurethane Industry on all new and remanufactured mix heads. The electronic shot counter provides the mix head cycles independent of the machine control system and is the basis for determining the number of true mix head shots. This shot counter totally removes the mix head time concerns from the warranty consideration. 


The control plunger evaucates all material from the mixing chamber as the mix head closes. Precision tolerances between the control plunger and housing ensure that material does not build-up and impact the mix head's performance.

Material Recirculation

Grooves in the control rod allow material recirculation and conditioning when the mix head is closed. Conditioning the material ensures uniform ratios and component temperature when the mix head is ready to pour.

Shot Counter

The electronic shot-counter is unique to Linden mix heads and provides a method to identify when a mix head is due for preventive maintenance and is what allows Linden to offer by far the most superior Warranty in the Industry.

Multi-Component Capabilities

Linden offers standard 2 to 4 stream straight-type mix heads.

Mix Head Repair Services

Linden’s staff is experienced in the repair of all brands of mix heads:

EMB • Krauss-Maffei • Hennecke • Graco • Konal • Decker • Cannon
• Gusmer-Admiral • OMS/Impianti • Hi-Tech • MHR

Linden's Straight Style Mix Head Models:

Straight Head (Standard) Models
3 and 4 Streams Also Available Ratios
Model Code 1:1 2:1 3:1
MHS-6-2-40 Closed Pour 30-150 45-112 N/A
MHS-8-2-40 Closed Pour 50-250 75-185 100-167
MHS-10-2-40 Closed Pour 80-400 120-300 160-270
MHS-12-2-40 Closed Pour 140-700 210-525 280-470
MHS-16-2-40 Closed Pour 300-1600 450-1200 600-1070
MHS-20-2-40 Closed Pour 400-2800 600-2100 800-1870

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