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Collins & Aikman – Port Hope, Ontario Canada

We at Port Hope wanted to let you know how pleased we are we are both the new units that you have installed in Port Hope. Your company was able to meet all of our best practice requirements. With the LX, especially, we gave you some pretty incredible tight timelines and you were able to meet all of them. We have Chrysler in today and it is so nice to have the equipment installed and running smoothly for this presentation.Every time we had an issue your people were able to very professionally and promptly resolve this for us. Again, I would like to say how pleased we are with Linden at the Port Hope facility.Looking forward to working with your Company once again in the near future.

Sue Fleming - Purchasing

Premold Corporation – Oconomowoc, WI USA

We at Premold Corp. wish to express our appreciation for the professional job all of you at Linden Industries have done for us in providing outstanding customer service on our Innovator PU Metering Machine.A couple of hours after your Field Service Technician, Ron Smith arrived at our facility for start-up and training, the machine that the Innovator was to replace had a catastrophic failure and was inoperable. Ron was able to commission the Innovator and provide support to enable us to get back into production within a day. He also made sure that we were set up comfortably prior to his departure. We have been running ever since.Since the installation of the Innovator, we have had a few questions regarding operation, parts, etc. that one would normally expect on a new piece of equipment. Our inquiries have been met cordially and promptly and responses have generally been within a day or so.Premold Corp. is very pleased with the decision in choosing Linden Industries, and the quality of your product and support service. We would like to personally extend our gratitude to Ron and the rest of the staff at Linden for reinforcing our confidence in choosing Linden Industries, and we look forward to working with you again on future projects.

Dave Lederer - President

Renosol Corporation – Ann Arbor, MI USA

I want to thank you and the members of your team for the outstanding support you have given us in the recent installation of our seating line at Hebron, OH. Not only was the quality of your workmanship excellent; you provided us with ongoing support during the start-up of the equipment that was far above and beyond anything we have experienced with the machines we have purchased in the past.Linden Industries obviously takes a great deal of pride in its workmanship and reputation and we greatly appreciate your support. We assure you that when we purchase our next machine, you will be our preferred supplier. Thanks again.

Very truly yours,
Mr. Douglas E. Peck – President

Visteon Automotive Systems – Saline, Michigan USA

I’d like to complement Linden on the performance of the Innovator foam system. The system was recently purchased for our Navigator instrument panel program and it is now foaming eh largest soft IP ever produced at this plant. This foam system has far exceeded our expectations on the quality of the foam injection process. The stability of the injection, chemical ratio, mix and shot size has proved superior to the other systems in our plant.The Navigator IP is very difficult to foam due to its large size. While doing product development on our foam laboratory system and on our plant ring-line systems, we experienced significant defects or cost in the foam i.e., fill weight, voids and delamination. The difficulty was so extreme that a redesign of the IP was in the planning stages. During this development process, we installed the Linden Innovator as our production foam system on this program and moved further development there. It was with great relief that within a short time we were producing quality foamed IPs. The voiding and delamination issues were gone, and through the seal-off and tweaking process, we were able to reduce the fill amount by 22%, a considerable cost and weight savings. We are quite pleased by the experience.Once again, thank you for the high quality performance of the Linden Innovator foam system. We at Saline look forward to future systems from Linden.

John Schneider – Forward Model Facility Engineer



Igloo Products

You and your staff have done an amazing job with these heads and we Igloo Products appreciate your attention to detail and quality workmanship.

Thank You,
James Spencer - Senior Engineer

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